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Cultured Waist is a waist bead company encouraging body positivity for women of all shapes and size.


Hi sis, my name is Ebony and I'm the Founder of Cultured Waist. I was inspired to start making and selling waist beads after always being affected by comments on my weight, making me feel insecure and quite literally giving my power away.


My goal is to help women learn to love and accept their bodies everyday as we go through different physical, mental and spiritual changes.

Our waist beads are made by us for you to the best quality using beading elastic, guaranteeing you comfort and granting ease of removal. Our sizes range from 22" to 60".

It's time for you to love your body and love yourself.

What is body positivity?

It is the notion that you, no matter your shape, size, background, etc. deserve to love your body and love yourself, just as you are. It is being kinder to yourself about the way you look, knowing all bodies are beautiful and not putting yourself at risk in order to change. It is understanding that your body goes through constant changes and deserves to be loved through every phase.

Please fill out this 4 question, anonymous survey about body confidence in order to help us, help you.

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