Cultured Waist sells handmade beaded jewellery including waistbeads, bracelets and anklets. Cultured Waist also aims to promote self love and increase confidence in women worldwide.



Dear Girls LTD* is a female, personal development events company, that aims to empower females. By sharing positivity, love and psychological knowledge, through networking events, intimate workshops, campaigns and merchandise.

Creps2Africa* is a non-profit organisation which sends outgrown shoes to schools, clubs & orphanages in Africa.

There are over 300 million barefoot children worldwide whom are in danger to infections, such as hookworms. Other injuries to the feet can lead to ulcers and other conditions when left untreated. Many children are not permitted to go to school because they don't own a pair of shoes.

* Waist beads, Bracelets, Anklets and Sets available for purchase.

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Our classic

waist beads come in 10 different styles, all a mix of their assigned colours.


Our channel will range from self love, confidence and body positivity to discussions about different culture. We will also be speaking to small business owners about their experience in the business world and any advice for people who want to start their own business.

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