Cultured Waist is a women’s confidence, body positivity, and self love brand selling beaded jewellery to encourage women to step into their power through self expression.

Cultured Waist aims to help women find love for themselves and therefore step into their power as creatives, deciding who they are, what they want, and going for it.


All women deserve to feel comfortable in their skin and make choices for themselves without being judged, scrutinised or questioned. Cultured Waist was set up in response to Ebony’s personal experience with low self-esteem and lack of self love.


It’s important that we do the inner work to build our confidence, self love and body positivity so we can feel better about ourselves and find inner peace and joy.

We provide waist beads and handmade women's accessories for ALL WOMEN despite their background, shape or size. If you are a woman and you love yourself them you qualify as a Cultured Babe and you deserve to adorn your body.



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Here at Cultured Waist, waist beads are defined as a tool of self-expression. It’s meaning is individual to its wearer but is used to encourage us on our journey through self-love, confidence, and body positivity.

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