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Cultured Waist is a platform which sells beaded jewellery and believes in encouraging confidence in women all over the world. Specialising in waist beads, we also sell bracelets, anklets and necklaces which are all handmade.


Waist beads originate from Africa (West Africa in particular) and were worn under clothing as a message to your marital partner signifying your innocence and fertility. It was often gifted to a young girl by her mother when she started her menstrual cycle or puberty. Over time, waist beads have lost their traditional meaning and are often used as a fashion statement and a platform to accept our differences as women.

It provides a sense of empowerment over an area of the body that has been shamed by the media if it's not perfect. Cultured Waist believes that no matter your body type, race or background you are beautiful: whether you wear them publicly or in private, you should be confident and love your waistline.

Anklets are also an accessory that can change the whole dynamic of an outfit, originating from India. Traditionally worn to draw attention from the opposite sex, anklets have been transformed into a global fashion statement.


Facing problems with my own confidence and comfortability with my body encouraged me to find a way to help women to understand that we are all beautiful. People say nobody has a perfect body, but they’re wrong… we all do.


As well as spreading positivity about body image, culture is also very important to us and we believe everyone should rock the culture with their own style, no matter where they’re from. Creating beaded jewellery using the colours of your flag is so important to us because it shows how we all come from different places and still come together to join one strong unit.

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