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Customer & Product Care

Customer Care

Hey sis, here is some information about taking care of you whilst wearing waist beads.



Waist beads are a traditional African body jewellery which are used to adorn the waist and appreciate oneself. The meaning and use of waist beads varies across the African continent with different tribes having their own customs and traditions. At Cultured Waist our waist beads are for developing your body confidence and learning to love the skin you’re in. 



With all orders you will receive a fridge magnet which has a few body positive affirmations to get you started on the journey to loving your body. Please say this aloud to yourself as frequently as possible, as well as any other affirmations which resonate with you. Also, try looking in a full length mirror making your waist beads visible and spend a few moments appreciating your body.



Our waist beads are made with beading elastic to allow flexibility. This means during periods of bloating and movement you have room to expand your abdomen without the painful restriction. If your waist beads arrive and they are too small, please get in touch about getting a replacement for free (we only ask that you cover shipping costs). Although our waist beads are made of elastic, there is still a possibility that they will have an impact on the shape of your waist - this is nothing to worry about. If you would prefer not to experience waist shaping, I would advise going up a size. 



Waist beads are individual to you and so there is no right or wrong way to wear them. Although some traditional folk may disagree, the choice is truly yours. You can decide where you want your waist beads to hang between your waist and hips and if you would like them fitted or loose. You can also decide if you would like to keep your waist beads private or put them on show, accessorising a fabulous outfit. The choice is absolutely yours - whatever you’re comfortable with is most important. Be true to yourself.


Product Care

How to take care of your waist beads.


Our Waist beads are made with elastic which provides flexibility, but also makes it easy to pull and snap them. Be sure to take care when removing items of clothing as you can pull and snap your beads. If you snap your beads within the first month, we’ll still be happy to replace them as we know accidents happen.


Can be worn in water: shower, bath, swimming, etc.

Can be worn whilst sleeping.

Can be worn whilst being active/periods of movement



From a spiritual standpoint, waist beads carry energy and through life we go through many deaths and rebirths. It’s advised to change your waist beads each time you enter a new season in your life to avoid carrying old energy with you, but this isn’t compulsory. 

If you have any questions sis, do not hesitate to get in touch with us and there are no silly questions!

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