Cultured Waist is a waist bead company reminding women of the importance of self-love and stepping into the power of your true authentic self.

Our Mission

Hi, I'm Ebony and I started Cultured Waist in 2019 because I realised, I had put myself in a box. This box was purely mental, and it stopped me from being myself because I was trying to be who I thought I should be.

Since starting Cultured Waist, I have learnt that I'm not the only one who sometimes feels stuck in a box and I also didn't make this box up. The box had slowly formed over time based on my experiences, what people said or done, what opinions & culture I'd been exposed to, etc. My true authentic self was locked in a box until I realised that's not self-love.

Since then, I've been on my self-love journey, unlocking my true authentic self and finding ways to help others break down their box through healing and step into the power of their true authentic self.


I was born in London, but my parents are from West Africa (Nigeria and Sierra Leone), both cultures which involve the use of beads. Through setting up Cultured Waist I have learnt the true meaning of Waist Beads - they give you the power to define who you are beyond what's on the surface. This means beyond physical beauty, material possessions, your past, present or future circumstances... Instead, you define who you are in character and love yourself fully.

My goal is help women define who they are, one waist at a time because when you love and accept yourself - your true self - you can love and accept people for who they are and establish healthy boundaries.


Once you start loving yourself and defining who you are, you only align yourself with that which fits what you believe. You know and feel you deserve better and that is my mission.

Imagine waking up every day feeling pure joy regardless of what is going on in your world or the world around you. Not having to feel stressed or fearful and being content with who you are. This is the essence of feminine energy - being free to listen to your intuition.

I would be honoured to be trusted with the task of creating your waist beads. I make all waist beads myself which takes me anywhere from 5-30 minutes each, and each minute is worth it because my intention is to make you feel good about yourself.