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Be Confident. Be Beautiful. Be Cultured.

The CBC Campaign started off with a brief created by myself about how much power is given to our appearance and how that can make us feel.

I feel like as women we give too much power to what people have to say about our choices, especially appearance. You can never please everyone, so the only person whose opinion matters should always be you.

I’ve had boys ask me why I haven’t got my hair done when my Afro is out, ask me why my nails aren’t done… I’m not against them, but if I choose not to partake, isn’t it up to me?

With that being said, I feel like we pressure ourselves to stick to that, when we can change our minds. Sometimes I feel like doing my nails, so I do it. We attach labels to everything - “I am or am not a nail person” - how does doing your nails or not define a part of who you are. Unfortunately, there are many trivial choices we give too much power too.

This campaign will hear from different women their experience with definition through appearance, especially when it comes to appearance maintenance including: clothing/style, shoes, make up & nails, hairstyles, weight, etc.

Specifically weight - I used to say “when I lose weight I’ll…” but why should something so trivial to my being stop me from doing what I want now, especially when I know I’m working towards my body goal.

I always have girls say to me “I’m going to get waist beads when I lose weight”, but I want to know why? Weight and other aspects of physical appearance do not define you, your personality, skills, qualities, etc.

The purpose of this campaign is going to be to encourage women to do what they want now: dress how you want, spend time with who you want, be who you want to be now. You don’t have to wait for the perfect look - you can have as many looks as you want. Work on the internal as well as the external to improve your relationship with yourself. Take notice of how you talk: to yourself and about yourself.

Respond with your thoughts on the expressed issues: what’s your stance? Can you relate? Do you agree or disagree that we give too much power to our appearance or is it a healthy amount? What does a healthy amount consist of? Etc.

The aim of this campaign is to make all women be comfortable with their choices about their appearance without being judged, scrutinized or questioned.

If you would like to contribute to the campaign, please do email or dm us @culturedwaist on Instagram.

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