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Cosy Creatives - Waist Bead Workshop

So, if you didn't know already Coventry - the urban village I proudfully refer to as home - is a hub for all things culture and creativity and I've decided to do my part in sharing things I'm involved in within my community.

Cosy creative is an initiative set up by Central Hall in collaboration with City of Culture 2021 (legacy) to provide warm and open spaces for the community to come to and participate in a range of activities from arts & crafts, to drumming & dance, to my favourite... waist beads!

On Thursday 5th January, I had the opportunity to run my waist bead workshop for women, alongside Not Aziz's Cafe Corner where she served delicious food and cake to our guests, all free.

The workshop was amazing as usual. Due to the sensitive nature of the discussion around self love, body positivity and confidence. I'm unable to share all the details, but providing support for each other and using colour therapy to help us heal how we feel about ourselves will never not feel amazing.

Not everyone participated in the conversation about self love, which I've learnt to expect. Not everyone is able to express vulnerablilitu publicly and I respect it, but I also understand the importance of their listening to spark the thought cycle that allows them to question if they are choosing themselves and their happiness.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure when I'll be running my next workshop, but in the mean time, I'd like to thank Sue, Miriam, Faiza, Agnes and all the amazing women who participated in my workshop. I'd also like to thank Cosy Creative for the opportunity, and if you're in Coventry encourage you get involved with the activities.

I am personally looking forward to Olugbemi's "collage landscapes" workshop on Thursday 19th January 7:30-9pm. Who knows? Maybe I'll see you there.

Until next time - respect & Love

Ebony x

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