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How to overcome insecurity

Insecurities in one area of life often have a way of affecting everything else without us knowing, but how does one become confident?

Here is a recipe for 4 aspects of life which you can work on to build your security and confidence within yourself.

Be Secure in Choice

Every choice you make should be backed by a reason, derived from intention. "Why am I doing this?" If you do not know the answer then you need to spend time finding out because no one can tell you. This stands for all decisions, including what you consume. Insecurities in our body often result from making consumption choices that you don't actually agree with. Your appearance is made up of both genetics and the physical manifestation of your choices.

Be Secure in Desire

What do you want from life? What is the intention behind everything you do? What kind of person do you want to be? When you're clear about what you want for yourself, it's so much easier to align your thinking and decisions around it.

Be Secure in Emotion

Emotions are natural and and understanding how you feel is key. When you're sure of how you feel and how you want to feel, you only give energy to what fulfills you. When unwanted feelings arise due to external circumstances. you'll be able to refocus your energy away from it and respond rather than react, returning to the feeling you desire.

Be Secure in Belief

Building a relationship requires communication and trust. By spending time with your thoughts, you get to know and understand yourself, forming trust and this quality is useful in all aspects of life. It means that no matter what, you're always going to keep promises made to yourself. This mindset leads you to achieve the impossible and if you're not lying to yourself, you'll never fall for someone else's lies again.

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