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My healing journey: What is healing and why is it needed?

So if you've been paying attention to the current "health and well-being" movement, you might've heard about "healing" a process that takes place naturally, but can be aided through our choices and actions to ensure we live a life full of peace, happiness and love.

As we grow, we learn and experience things in our environments which change the way we think, behave and react to different stimuli. Some of these experienced (particularly negative ones) can have a lasting effect on how we see the world - this is also known as trauma. Everytime the past situation or anything remotely like it shows up your body naturally falls into a defence mechanism to prevent you from experiencing that pain again. My healing journey has revealed how this defence can actually hold me back and how the constant fear of trauma resurfacing keeps the experience showing up in my reality.

A quick example, during the later years of secondary school I experienced bullying from my peers. This made me feel like it was bad to be different and I began trying to fit in to prevent being noticed as the odd one out. I can see how this made me settle for friendships which did not fulfill me because they weren't interested in the same things - I mean how could they be when I never said?

I wish I coul; say trying to fit in ended when GCSE's did. I never had to see these people again, but meeting new people was hard because I felt like if I was myself they might bully me. Luckily that wasn't always the case and I found friends along my journey who I aligned with, but the root of the problem was still there. I had to heal my confidence and self esteem in order to feel like I could be myself wholly.

There were other things I had experienced earlier on which made me seek external validation and I'm sharing my story to help others understand theirs. The point is that we are all unique and divinely created - it's up to us to embrace it and own it. You will not be for everyone and that is okay.

If you would like to know more and follow my healing journey then check out my YouTube channel and my tiktok:

I started with a 7 day water fast in January and have since been healing using food, mindfulness practices such as meditation & journaling, and of course - waist beads.

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