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It's all good and well me promoting body positivity, confidence and self love, but I have to be honest. I've admitted that I wasn't very confident growing up and I just wanted to talk about the present. Sometimes I'm on 100 and some days anything can get to me. I can spend 30 minutes in the mirror holding in my stomach and standing at angles that make me an "insta babe".

The harsh reality is it's never easy, especially now that I've shown the world who I am. Who knows what people are saying or commenting on - these are thoughts that I don't have time to spend on. No matter how many people compliment me, I always seem to get stuck to negative comments and this is why I find it important to ignore them all. Gary vee always says it "ignore the positive and the negative because the most important voice is your own". I even say it to my friend and family, no one can tell you who you are.

I often feel like it's harder for me to grow my business and YouTube account because I don't fit the media's dominant definition of beauty. I'm a bit rounder than the other girls and I have a slightly bigger nose. The internet can be a cruel place and I was always afraid of negative comments, but seen as I've heard every nasty thing someone can say to me - I think I can handle it. For example, a few years ago whilst working in McDonalds a customer asked me "do you have to lift up your belly to wash your private area" (he used harsher words). I was so upset that I started following all these impossible diets and making myself unhappy by remembering what he said.

If I let what people say affect me then I wouldn't be where I am today, I wouldn't have a business, I wouldn't be able to do the things I want because I would always be afraid of what other people have to say. Who are they anyway? It could come from family, friends or strangers, but I always have to remember that it's my life.

I am happy with who I am and the way I am and even though I want to improve certain things (for example, be healthier and more fit) there's no one in the world that could make me believe I'm not beautiful.

One major tip I want you to take from this blog post is that everyone has insecurities, but what you focus on grows. If you keep focusing on something you don't like then everything else becomes irrelevant and you end up hiding your beauty. Instead of focusing on your insecurities, shift your thoughts to things you do like and focus on them. You'll soon see that all your qualities put together make you a beautiful individual.

Love from Ebony

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