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"SHE" by Anthony Clarke at the Belgrade Theatre

So Precious and I have become theatre girls and where would be better to explore this passion than the Belgrade Theatre? Our most recent watch was "SHE" by Anthony Clarke, directed by Maddy Corner and Poppy Sutch. It was an ensemble of 7 plays in one, all acted by Safeena Ladha and Chenise Lynette who absolutely killed the stage. I went looking for inspiration and not only did I find it, but I also got to laugh, almost cry and exchange various glances with my good sis.

Play 1 - "SHE" directed by Poppy Sutch

"Will she stop the baby crying?"

This story featured 2 sisters - Scarlett and Coralie who seem to seriously bump heads. Coralie comes across as a little insensitive to her sisters mental health and struggles becoming a mother, but they talk through a serious misunderstanding and I couldn't help but empathise with both sisters. I don't want to spoil too much just in case you catch the play yourself, but it emphasised the need for open communication, especially if you're struggling with something.

Play 2 - "Nunkhead" directed by Poppy Sutch

"Exact revenge on the school bully?"

Jess and Marlene are out for drinks to celebrate Marlene's birthday and she's chosen a restaurant where their school bully now works as a waitress with plans of getting revenge with free champagne and a nice meal. Both friends experienced pain and trauma at the hands of Ash (aka ms bully), but the play shows the difference between how we think and feel in different stages of healing. Marlene is in a stage where she's accepted what happened to her, but she hasn't accepted how she feels about it and so she expresses her urge for revenge when she's with Jess, but her pain when she's alone. Jess is a little further on her journey and takes a more understanding approach trying to show Marlene that hurt people, hurt people and that doesn't make it right, but revenge won't heal their wounds either.

Play 3 - " Lovers" directed by Maddy Corner

"Fall in love and be loved?"

Apologies that my brain blocked out my memory of this play - a trauma response, but Precious kindly reminded me that it was each character discussing sexual experiences and one of these was about assault. I remember watching it, I remember enjoying it and feeling it, I can see the set up, but my brain can't remember anything else for the life of me!

Play 4 - "Warriors of Humanity" directed by Anthony Clark

"Protest to change the world?"

Ruth has dedicated her life to fighting for just causes, specifically for a greener, more sustainable planet and she meets Sam in the waiting room of what I believe was a government officials office. Sam is an ex-soldier who found his purpose in the army. Coming from a background (like mine) of drugs, violence, jail, etc. he had finally felt like he had something to live for until he witnessed the unfortunate death of an innocent young girl. The play communicated to me the struggle of standing for what you believe in and accepting that some people don't feel as strongly about the same cause because of their own battles they have to face. No cause is greater than any other, we are all standing up for humanity when we choose to fight so coming together makes us stronger. This play was emotional to watch.

Play 5 - "Mother's Friends" directed by Maddy Corner

"Accept advice from her mother's friends?"

This was hands down my favourite out of the 7. Call me superstitious, but I believe we are all spiritually connected, not only to our ancestors, but also to each other. This play featured 2 sisters or cousins (I can't quite remember) who set up a ritual to get advice from the spirit world using a bag of clothes donated by their mother's friends. Both Tasha and Eleanor were possessed with the spirits of different women who shared their wisdom on their situations. The best bit was when each character was possessed by the spirit of their future selves giving them hope and motivation for the future. I can't promise I won't be trying this at home.

Play 6 - "Widows" directed by Maddy Corner

"Come to terms with an unexpected illness?"

We all know that we're going to die some day and we hope for later rather than sooner. This story was a car journey where Ruby and Pearl discussed the passing of their father and the pain it brought, but also the release for their mother. They are on their way to break the news to their mum that Ruby has been given 6 months to live and the conversation becomes quite tense at times, despite their efforts to keep it cheerful. It really made me think about how short life can be and assess if I'm happy and really choosing me whilst I can.

Play 7 - "Childishness and Mere Oblivion" directed by Poppy Sutch

"Grow old with dignity?"

This play featured Mary and Edie who were practicing for their upcoming improv performance playing 2 old ladies. The 2 bickered, both in and out of character about random things and it ended with Edie playing a childish prank. In all honesty, I can't remember everything because it wasn't one of the stories which spoke directly to me, but I do remember Mary's old lady character couldn't find her diary to check the date.

I'd 100% recommend either going to see this play (I believe they have more dates across the country), or checking out the Belgrade theatre website and looking at what's on. Myself and Precious will be going to see Family tree on my birthday and Big Aunty in April.

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