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Ebony is from London and of West African Heritage. She moved to Coventry to pursue her dream in the arts after finishing university. Her main art form is bead work in the form of waist beads, but she also expresses her creativity through other art forms such as dance, music, film, content creation and more. She started Cultured Waist in 2019 to help women heal using colour through wearing waist beads.

Come and participate in a waist bead workshop hosted by Ebony, the founder of Cultured Waist, to celebrate body positivity and wellness for people of every shape and size. Waist beads are a beautiful form of jewellery worn around the waist or hip region. They have a rich cultural heritage that originated in Africa, where women wear them to symbolize their waist size, femininity, beauty, sexuality, fertility, maturity, and overall well-being. This workshop is designed to be empowering and promote positive body image by encouraging them to embrace their natural shape and size. With the guidance of Ebony, you'll learn how to create and wear waist beads that reflect your unique style and personality.

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Upcoming Events:

10th June - Workshop at the Arawak Community Trust "Windrush Festival"

Time: 3pm-4pm

Location: Coventry Caribbean Association

Tickets: Coming soon

28th June - Workshop Wednesday at Warwick Arts Centre

Time: 1:30pm-4pm

Location: Warwick Art Centre

Drop ins welcome, no sign up needed.

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